Sienna MillerSiena Miller, last seen making up after breaking up with fiancée Jude Law, has been attached to a rather odd, almost disturbing new film. In Camille, Miller takes on the familiar role of a loving significant other opposite the always adorable Harvey Keitel. She is set to play one half of an engaged couple who escape to Niagara Falls for a romantic getaway, only things don't go too well when Miller, well, dies along the way. Now, follow me because here's where it goes all bizarro Weekend at Bernies on us; apparently, destined to finish the vacation with his newly deceased lover, husband-to-be continues along as if nothing has happened, her corpse right beside him. They're labeling this a black comedy but I don't really see what's so dark about it. I mean, wouldn't you do the same thing? Maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud. Anyway, shooting starts early next year which should give Jude plenty of time to plan his own romantic "please don't leave me" getaway.
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