Erik reported the other day on several projects shooting in the path of Hurricane Katrina that have been delayed. Production in the state of Louisiana has ramped up recently due to cheap production made cheaper by an extraordinary set of tax benefits offered by the state, and as days go by, we've been hearing of many other projects that, like so many thousands of residents, are finding themselves displaced. Here's the fullest list that I've been able to compile – if you've heard of others, please let us know:

  • The Reaping: Shooting in Baton Rouge, the cast and crew were airlifted out of Louisiana just before the storm hit. Shooting is scheduled to resume – presumably in Hollywood, although the articles I've read aren't exactly clear  – this week.
  • Two Disney films were set to shoot in NOLA this fall: a Kevin Costner vehicle known as The Guardian, and a Jerry Bruckheimer extravaganza called Deja-vu. Both are on hold for the time being; says a studio spokesperson: "at this point, it's too early to tell" what'll happen. But as I'm right now listening to Tucker Carlson predict 4 months before the city is even drained, I don't think it looks good.
  • Thief, an FX show starring Andre Braugher, was set to shoot a season's worth of episodes starting September 28; even though the pilot is in the can, further shooting has been "indefinitely delayed".
  • Lucy Lawless (that's Xena, to you) was shooting a film called Vampire Bats in New Orleans when the storm hit. As of now, the production is planning to resume next week in Nova Scotia but, asLawless told MTV News on Friday, she doesn't much care: "I kind of don't give a sh-- anymore, frankly...I don't care that our sweet little working lives have been disrupted. It's such a damn stinkhole there for all the people that we know and love and their homes. The state of our production is so [low priority] in our lives now."
  • The Last Time, starring Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser, has put its New Orleans based production on hold; without offering any details on how or where, the production released a statement announcing that they plan to "resume and complete production as quickly as possible."
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