SWMIt may not be coming to a theater of any kind near you, but more and more savvy Star Warsfans are enjoying one of the most loving fan-produced tributes of any kind, ever. Texas-based composers Timothy Allen Smith and Hunter Nolan have created an absolutely fantastic fully-realized musical based on Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), complete with chorus and orchestra. Of course, like any work that trades on a previous copyright without licensing, the duo are not allowed to release the work commercially, though they are not barred from giving it away. One of the many highlights is "Do You Speak Bocce?", a lament by Uncle Owen performed before he and Luke visit the Jawas mobile robot shop. The complete work in all its brilliance is available for download at the official website, where you can also now view and download the award-winning fan film One Season More, featuring the song from the musical and CGI that rivals the animation in The Polar Express (and its creepy, dead-eyed children).
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