bobbyAlright, this is a little convoluted, but stay with me:  Paul Schrader feels he was screwed over by "the man who signed the deal" for Dominion (we all know what a mess that turned out to be), and that the same man also caused all sorts of problems for Exorcist III writer and director William Peter Blatty. Schrader absolutely hates this guy - during a Dominion press junket, he reportedly went on and on about how the guy has "screwed just about everyone he'd worked with and ruined their project." The only reason Schrader agreed to work with him was that he needed backing, and "had [the] arrogance that believed this time it would be different." Needless to say, in his mind it wasn't.

What does this have to do with The Good Shepherd? Well, when Schader took his buddy Robert De Niro out to dinner to vent about the hell that Dominion had become, DeNiro happened to mention that this same trouble-maker was the money behind Shepherd. Knowing the guy's reputation, De Niro agreed to work with him anyway, utilizing the same "it'll be different this time" approach that was such a disaster for Schrader.

Now, Schrader never mentioned any names, but a quick look at the IMDB comes up with only one upper-level name that Dominion, Exorcist III, and The Good Shepherd have in common:  executive producer James G. Robinson. This is all based on word-of-mouth, obviously, and could easily just be sour grapes. But Schrader clearly feels that this guy is a curse, and that his involvement in De Niro's film will damage the project. Stay turned.
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