• "Reese Witherspoon does a sensational job" as June Carter Cash in James Mangold's Walk the Line, says Todd McCarthy. He also waxes rhapsodic over a "delightful interlude" involving Elvis and chili fries.
  • Despite the inherent distractions of a holiday weekend (nevermind the general pall cast by a certain natural disaster), Transporter 2 set a new Labor Day record. But other than that, the over all summer box office numbers look like they're going to validate the doomcasters: with the season all but over, grosses are down 9% from last year.
  • Blockbuster eliminated the concept of late fees, in order to keep the twelve customers that hadn't already defected to Netflix. But without a price gouging scheme, they're now having massive problems paying studios for their products, and one studio apparently even demanded cash upfront before shipping their latest title. Without late fees, the retailer is expected to lose $400 million in revenue this year.
  • Borrowing $500 million from Merill Lynch, Marvel Enterprises is changing its name to Marvel Entertainment, and will usher ten features into production this year – including Captain America and The Avengers – without partnering with a studio.
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