EricEmmy winner Eric McCormack is hoping for a non-gay life on the big screen after the final season of "Will & Grace" next year. He recently told the Associated Press, "Television fame makes people say, 'That's who that guy is. That's the way he is. Now I have to say, 'Look, I'm lots of other guys, too.' " (one of those being the geek-in-crisis in the little-seen 1998 love letter to fandom, Free Enterprise, and its possible upcoming sequel).

After "Will & Grace" ends, McCormack plans to direct and star in a romantic comedy that he wrote, and is considering two sitcom deals with two different networks.

This guy's going to need to work some serious hetero mojo to convince Peoria that he is not the man's man he played for nearly a decade. I mean, Rupert Everett has been typecast as gay ever since My Best Friend's Wedding in 1997. Wait a minute, bad example -- Rupert Everett is gay (but you get my point).
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