American Pie: Band CampSo, this one time at band camp, I overheard news of a direct to DVD version of American Pie 4 and immediately wanted to take the filmmakers hostage to demand a reason why. In an attempt to drain whatever miniscule amount of funny is left out of a series that dried up a long time ago, American Pie: Band Camp will march straight onto shelves next month. However, most of the stars from the original three have jumped ship leaving only Eugene Levy and Chris (Sherminator) Owen left to piece together what's sure to be a major disappointment. As you can imagine from the title, this one uses the memorable band camp as a backdrop and revolves around the various antics Stifler's younger brother finds himself in after being forced to attend due to bad behavior. I'd expect there to be tons of meaningless co-ed nudity mixed with several different perverse ways of using a musical instrument. For those of you interested, Moviehole has the scoop on some of the DVD extras; as if watching the movie isn't enough torture for one night.