dannyStop press:  the ever-reliable Ananova is reporting that a Young Bond movie is in the works. And just so we're clear, this isn't like when River Phoenix played young Indy for 15 minutes in a flashback - this is a whole freaking feature-length film about what James did as a kid. I mean, dear God. How could this not be absolutely, unspeakably awful? It's theoretically based on a book about Bond at 13 that, according to reviewers at Amazon "fails to deliver." Super.

Options for the film really seem limited here - either it's going to be a normal Bond story but in kid-land, or it's going to try to come up with some sort of backstory that effectively explains the adult character. Even if you're a Bond maniac, how can either of those be at all satisfactory? The former, obviously, would be a painful novelty, while the latter would be virtually impossible, given how differently each of the Bond actors has played the role. I imagine that the backstory for Timothy Dalton's Bond is very different, for example, from that of the Bond played by Sean Connery.

Oh, and just to get another fandom involved, Daniel Radcliffe is the dream lead for the project, according to a source. Sigh.
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