hunnamWho says Hollywood is out of ideas? Set on one of those vague futuristic Earths where something horrible has happened, Children of Men is the tale of a world without sperm. Yes, that's right:  in the PD James novel on which the film is based, mankind has lost the ability to reproduce, and the world is (not surprisingly) a pretty chaotic place. Suddenly, a woman discovers that she's pregnant. How did this happen? Independent sperm living in lakes and streams? Alien sperm? God? (Ok, I made up the options. Still, though, they're bound to occur to someone in the movie at some point.)

Alfonso Cuaron (Y tumamátambién, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) is set to direct, and Julianne Moore is already on board, though she actually may be playing the tough broad who imposes order on things, rather than the pregnant chick. Also already cast is the always delectable Clive Owen, who is somehow related to the girl who found some sperm. As you know, we here at Cinematical would watch Clive Owen do laundry, so there's already going to be fight to review this one when it comes out. But wait - thing may get even better! Word is that HooliganCharlie Hunnam (who you would all be much more excited about if you'd seen the UK'sQueer as Folk) is in talks to join the cast. Could he be the Spermy Wonder? I can hardly wait.
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