madsenNo not by the big, famous Toronto festival - instead, Michael Madsen's contributions to independent film will be recognized down the road at RebelFest, an independent film festival now in its second year. Madsen is to receive the first annual Equinoxe Rebel Award, which will be presented by his Reservoir Dogs co-star, Harvey Keitel.

Though only in its second year, RebelFest seems like a promising project. Dedicated to truly independent films - that is, works with no government funding and no access to "'established' film institutes or film centres" - it was founded last year by a group of filmmakers. In an effort to avoid the Hollywood friendliness founders see in other independent festivals, they start each year with a new selection panel made up exclusively of active filmmakers whose own works fit the festival's criteria for selection. This year's week-long RebelFest featured over 20 films in competition, in addition to shorts and music videos.