Matt DillonActor Matt Dillon is next in line to receive an honorary award at the 15th Annual Gotham Awards held this November 30th. Right now you're probably thinking the same thing I am - why Matt Dillon? I mean, sure, he was the Flamingo Kid, an Outsider, some Singles guy and, most importantly, that dude who made out with both Neve Campbell and Denise Richards at the same time in Wild Things. Okay, terrific - but why Matt Dillon? Some past recipients of the award include Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, Steve Buscemi, Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep. Yeah, I tried to squeeze Matt Dillon in there to see what it would look like and, hate to say it but things seemed a bit off. Don't get me wrong he's a cool guy and all, but I've never thought much of his acting skills. Boring? Wooden? One-dimensional? Just because the guy has been in a gajillion movies, does it mean he's due for an award? A Gotham Award no less, which tends to favor independent films and New York based filmmakers? If anything, now brother Kevin can be jealous of both his real life sibling as well as his fictional one. Congrats Matt!