Andrew RonaThere's been a lot of talkrecently about Bob n' Harvey's departure from Miramax, but what about the people who worked with and for the highly successful Weinstein team? Where have they gone? Some would argue that working under the brothers can produce more knowledge and training than any film school or studio for that matter. Maybe it's the way in which they don't just work towards goals; they attack them with passion and tenacity (or maybe the job gets done faster when someone's screaming in your ear.) Either way, one such student is using what he's learned and it's getting him places. Andrew Rona, once co-president of Miramax's scary label, Dimension, has now skipped over to Rogue Pictures as its new president of production. The Focus Features genre label will allow Rona to oversee the kinds of films (horror, thriller, supernatural) he was used to working on for the Weinsteins; however, he'll be reporting to Rogue president David Linde instead of, well, that very loud mouth. It will be interesting to see how Rona grows throughout the industry knowing what he's worked on (Scream; Sin City;The Others; Scary Movie) and where he's coming from. Sidenote: Those of you who watched the last Project Greenlight series will know Rona as the executive everyone was terrified of reporting to. He was the guy who fought for the more commercial script against Matt Damon who wanted something a little less popular. Guess who won?
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