Yahoo! News reports that two of China's biggest film stars, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li, will be on hand when Disneyland Hong Kong opens next week. Deputizing famous faces is nothing new for Disney, which has been opening parks in this way for the last half century (check out the time capsule Disneyland USA DVD to see their flagship park in Anaheim's 1955 opening). Ziyi and Li both star in the upcoming adaptation of Arthur Golden's bestseller, Memoirs Of A Geisha [watch the trailer], coming to U.S. theaters on December 9th. The park will cater primarily to mainland Chinese, as well as the Disney devout. Still, "It's A Small World" is terrifying in any language. Whether or not the crass Western concept of a theme park on Chinese soil will ultimately be interpreted as a hostile first strike has yet to be seen.
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