Two for one today, sort of. In the spirit of Roger Corman's new deal with Disney, I went looking for galleries of the King of Crapola's finest works. I stumbled on The American Widescreen Museum's collection of Unusual Poster Film Credits. These are posters – mostly for films from the 60s and 70s, a lot of them produced by Corman – that make, uh, creative claims about the technology employed in the making of the film. My favorite made-up innovation comes from the poster for My Tale is Hot (which, according to my sources, is essentially a pin-up strip-show on film), which was apparently filmed in "Living Skin-a-Scope", with "Color by Sexitone". Uh-huh. The Bonnie Parker Story, for its part, brags about using the incredible Superama – another name for Panavision's 16mm anamorphic lenses – but I'm more interested in that part about the "cigar smoking hellcat". Meow.
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