AlecWhen the brown cloak Sir Alec Guinness wore to play Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars went missing 28 years ago, it was thought as lost as the James Dean Death Car. However, as the UK's The Guardian reports, the garment has turned up in London in the costume shop Angel's, which boasts six miles of costumes. While it was lost, it was worn by an extra on The Mummy remake, and may have been used in The Name Of The Rose. Next stop for the fetching one-piece is Harrods, where it will be displayed in an exhibition of film costumes. Of course, what real Star Wars fans want to know is, "What ever became of Princess Leia's naughty little gold bikini from Return Of The Jedi, and might I ever be lucky enough to be photographed touching it?"
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