The ManIt would seem that studio New Line is giving those displaced by Hurricane Katrina at Houston's Astrodome a night at the movies. Robert N. Fried, producer of New Line's The Man (opening September 9th), told the Associated Press, "There are logistical issues, ratings issues, this is PG-13, but we're gonna try to do that." Eugene Levy, who stars opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the buddy comedy, said of promoting the movie in the deadly wake of Katrina that it was "one of the more difficult things I've had to do. We've had to go out and we have to talk about this thing. We have to try and be positive about the movie...but, at the same time, it seems like the most bizarre thing in the world to do."

Anyone who has seen the sorry trailer might suggest that showing The Man to a captive audience is the most cruel thing in the world to do (someone call Amnesty). Is there anyone who saw a promo screening of the movie Wednesday night care to refute that?