Domino HarveyOne thing that upsets me about film festivals is that they always choose such boring names. Man, one of these days I'm going to unveil my "Totally Super Awesome Film Festival" and then you'll see. Oh yes, you will see.

Anyway: Tony Scott's, Domino, will conclude the New Montreal FilmFest (yet another superb name!) with its World Premiere later this month. The film, which is a biopic about the recently deceased model-turned-bounty hunter, Domino Harvey, will screen only three months after she was found dead in a bathtub from an overdose on pain killers. There had been rumors as of late that Scott would delay the film's release in order to re-shoot scenes depicting Harvey's downward spiral, yet with all this focus on the film, it seems no one paid attention to the girl's apparent death wish. I'd be curious to see how Scott decided to work that in; most likely we'll see a title card pop up right before the end credits. Other films included in the festival lineup are Guy X, starring the always delightful Jason Biggs and shot mostly in Montreal, as well as our darling little NC-17 rated Where The Truth Lies.
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