William H. Macy in EdmondOkay, it's not a crush, exactly. But I have always enjoyed movies with actor William H. Macy in them ever since I saw Fargo the first time. The Cooler, one of his more recent movies, was simply smashing. He had the best line in Mystery Men: "We've got a blind date with Destiny, and it looks like she's ordered the lobster." He was the only good thing about Seabiscuit. And now I can watch him in a clip available online for the upcoming movie Edmond, in which he plays the title role. The movie, described (not by me) as a dark comedy about a man's quest for fulfillment, is premiering this month at the Venice and Telluride Film Festivals, with a U.S. release date of December 20. The Movie City News review compares the movie favorably with Fight Club.

Edmond is directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and written by David Mamet. The movie also stars Mena Suvari, Joe Mantegna, Julia Stiles, and (speaking of Re-Animator) Jeffrey Combs. You know that since Mamet is involved, Rebecca Pidgeon is inevitable, but I'll keep my eyes on the guy with the lined face that says it all.

Except, watching that clip, I realize it's two lined faces: Macy and Mantegna. The clip is a single bar scene in which the two actors spout typically Mamet-ish dialogue but somehow manage to get away with it. Or that's what you might think if you had a crush, anyway. Which I don't. Truly. [via Twitch]
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