SoderberghDirector Steven Soderbergh, who helped relaunch alternative cinema with his 1989 indie touchstone sex, lies and videotape, does not care much for reality TV, telling the Associated Press that it is "as far from reality as you can imagine and more fictionalized than the movies you see." He spoke from the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, where he was talking about his upcoming film, Bubble, shot on HD with non-pro actors and shown out of competition at the prominent fest. He was also quoted as saying that he tried to "incorporate much of their own lives into the story." [presumably because regular people are just so damn interesting...]

Coming out against reality TV, though, is hardly a bold position. It's kind of like saying, "Hurricane Katrina is a real tragedy" or "Adolf Hitler was a bad man." It's kind of obvious and doesn't really draw much fire.

Bubble will screen at the Toronto Film Festival on September 11th, and the New York Film Festival, which begins September 23rd, and will debut on DVD day-and-date with its theatrical release.

[via Jam Movies]