SpidermanFor awhile everything was just peachy. We knew Thomas Haden Church was cast as the next Spider-Man villain and word on the street was that he would be playing Chameleon; a bad dude with the ability to change appearance and wreak havoc. Okay, super! Time passes and we can't help but watch Sideways and pray that Church will still kick ass, when all of a sudden - wham - where did Topher Grace come from? Relax. Keep calm. We can handle this. Seems Grace will most likely share the role of Chameleon with Church; possibly each taking a different form of identity? Yeah, as if. Well now there's word there will be no Chameleon, in fact, according to Freeze Dried Movies, Church and Grace will be playing two completely different villains; Grace as Venom and Church as Sandman. Say what? Oh, and while you're taking all that in, James Franco will be playing Hobgoblin and not Green Goblin 2. Phew. Anyone else dizzy with anticipation?

[via Moviehole]

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