QTQuentin Tarantino may not put movies out with much regularity, but his fans in Texas have come to count on his [semi-regular] invasions of Austin as a guaranteed good time. From September 9-17, Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Downtown will feature 20 films hand-picked by the Kill Bill director from his own collection. "QT-SIX" will feature movies ranging from innocuous curiosities like the 1983 Nicole Kidman movie BMX Bandits to full-on sexploitation romps like 1975's Teenage Hitch-hikers. "Quentin Tarantino is a true film aficionado whose exuberant passion for '60s and '70s cinema is matched only by his encyclopedic knowledge," AFS Executive Director Rebecca Campbell told Film Threat. "Not everything in the QT fest is for everyone, but we guarantee some actor or scene in this festival will blow audiences away."

Check out the Austin Film Society's website for more on this and other great programming.
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