We've already mentioned the bundle of Hollywood projects that have been forced to eveacuate New Orleans in the aftermath of the Katrina disaster. But would you believe that one director, in an ostensible act of charity, is actually going out of his way to move his production to the center of the affected area?

Of course, it's no ordinary director: Tony Kaye is most famous for battling over his directorial debut, American History X, with star Edward Norton, who delivered the film's final cut and won an Oscar nomination for his performance. At the time, Kaye went as far as to show up to one meeting with an entourage of three "spiritual advisors" and demanded in the trades that his credit on the film be removed and changed to "Humpty Dumpty".

Anyway: we're sure Kaye's heart is in the right place when he says he wants to move the production of Paranoia from Brazil to New Orleans. Do we think it's a good idea? Mmmm...the jury's out. Shooting isn't scheduled to start until 2006, at which point the area could very well be well on the road to recovery, and in which case, the injection of cash into the economy would be sorely appreciated. But knowing Kaye's thirst for media attention, this announcement could very well be just a way to get his name in the papers. On that level alone, I guess it's worked.
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