cheCall me crazy, but I've never really felt the urge to move to West Chester, PA. Until now, that is. In a moment of inspiration, a slightly off (but in a goodway) guy named John Young decided he needed to mount a 16MM projector on a 1977 Czech motorcycle and drive it around, bringing movies to the citizens of his fair city. After a few missteps (the FM transmitter didn't work, it rained), the Guerilla Drive-In was in business, successfully screening The Great Escape for a frenzied audience of "tens." Still to come this summer are such diverse classics as Repo Man, Deliverance, andCaddyshack; times and locations are listed on the project's website.

Though it's sort of a bummer to learn that the Guerilla Drive-In soldiers actually ask permission before screening their films, this project makes me incredibly happy. This guy has spent a (small) pile of own money putting together a working projection/transmission system and renting the 16MM prints, just because he can, and because movies are cool. I'm sincerely jealous of people who live in West Chester - and John Young, you're my hero.
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