MansonTouring the midnight movie circuit during the first quarter of 2006 is the animated musical about Charles Manson, Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, the brainchild of Rancid's Tim Armstrong. The film, which, according to its website, will likely be released unrated, takes place in the year 3069 when a boy discovers a copy of Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry's book, Helter Skelter, which described the murders committed in 1969 by Manson and his "Family" of followers. The boy considers the tome gospel, adopting Manson as a messiah and planning a better world through "music, murder and mayhem", according to the Yahoo! News story. The cast also includes Italian horror diva Asia Argento (pronounced "ah-see-ya") and button-cute Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's. The film employs the time-consuming and out-of-favor style of stop motion animation, which Tim Burton uses in the upcoming Corpse Bride, though it looks more like the work of Philly-born animators Stephen and Timothy Quay, who inspired the late Fred Stuhr's terrifying music videos for the band Tool.
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