This is worrisome. Yesterday, I found a few sources which claimed Miramax was behind an Opus movie. Not a movie opus, but a movie about Opus, the penguin from Berkeley Breathed's trilogy of comic strips Bloom County, Outland, and Opus. The problem is, everything I found was dated almost exactly one year ago. I found no current evidence that this film was still being made. Meanwhile, Garfield, who has been drawn by a corporation for the last several years, is gearing up for a sequel. This may be a blessing in disguise, however. Trying to turn Opus into a wisecracking CGI configuration might not translate well, and much of what I read claimed that Craig Mazin was tapped to write the screenplay. Mazin wrote screenplays for such films as Scary Movie 3 and Senseless, neither of which have a sense of humor that even remotely approaches Breathed's. It's a bummer that the project may have been scrapped, but ultimately I think it may have been for the best, at least for us diehard fanatics.

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