Let's take a second to congratulate our recent contest winners. Tom earned the two contributor stars for his pitch for the Jose Canseco movie –

""Double Play"; An ex-Special Ops must take the place of his baseball star identical twin brother who's about to testify against an evil steroid manufacturer –

...which was just too delicious. Imagine a sequel, pitting Jose's twins against Jean Claude Van Damme's twins from Double Impact. Impact Play? Double Trouble? Canseco vs Van Damme: Twin-on-Twin Combat?

And elsewhere, Chris is going to the Family Guy premiere based on this ingenious plan to win the contest:

"I would reenact the classic Family Guy moment where Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Chris drink ipecac to see who can keep from throwing up the longest. Whoever kept from throwing up the longest won pie. In this case the winner would get the tickets. Since I would, theoretically, be the only one competing I would win by default. Success!"

Thanks for playing, everyone! More contests next week.