jsWhile I'm still not convinced that Guy Ritchie can make more than one movie (which, not surprisingly, gets less charming with each iteration), the trailer for Revolver has me just about peeing in my pants with excitement. The first few seconds of said trailer scream HEIST!, which immediately makes me think of French classics like Rififi and Bob Le Flambeur, and make me hope that maybe Ritchie is thinking of them too. Then Ray Liotta walks in, all powerful and confident and manly, and my resistance is totally gone. Take me, Guy's movie - I'm yours. Oh, and there's Jason Statham, and blood, and Big Pussy, and slick hitman stuff, all suffused with this air of darkness and danger that is totally not what I'd expect from Ritchie. Since previous trailers for the film have had the expected, more comic tone, this could be a misdirection play. That said, though, since it's about to premiere in Toronto, it seems likely this new trailer is closer to the reality of Revolver. Man alive, I hope so.

The only bad news here is that we have to wait until freaking January for the thing to open in the US. I hope that at least our man in Toronto can send some early word back about how brilliant and stunning it is. Either that, or he can help us all out by lying and saying it's horrible, so the wait is slightly less torturous.
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