CinderellaWhile most people will enjoy the October 4th DVD release of Disney's 1950 classic Cinderellaat home, those living in the L.A. area are being given a rare opportunity to see the fully restored film in grand style. From September 15th through the 25th, the beautiful Disney-run El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard will present the fully restored film, offering the first 2,000 attendees who pre-order the DVD an exclusive Cinderella pin and movie poster. If you are a film fan who has yet to attend a film at the lavish El Capitan, you owe it to yourself to check it out this throwback to luxurious movie palaces of old. Gala Disney events such as this are often accompanied by art and a live stage show before the movie. Just don't make the mistake of walking the Boulevard after dark, as it is not the glamorous place you have been sold in movies and on TV ("Scientologists, junkies and whores -- oh my!")

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