Is Tea Leoni cursed? Consider the evidence: as far as I can tell, she's been the next big thing forever, and yet each non-disaster film she's headlined (after all, I think we can chalk up the success of Deep Impact and Jurassic Park III to circumstances beyond her control) hasn't exactly lived up to expectations. Last year's Spanglish was a disaster on multiple levels. Hollywood Ending flopped both critically and commercially. The Family Man was suppossed to put both Tea and Nicolas Cage in the Oscar race; it had to settle for lukewarm reviews and a decent $70 million gross. In fact, a glance at her IMDB profile shows that Flirting with Disaster, which doubled its budget and drew gobs of praise, was her first and only unqualified success.

Now word is coming down the line that there have been major problems with her latest film, a remake of Fun With Dick and Jane in which Leoni co-stars opposite Jim Carrey. Cinema Blend is calling it a "production meltdown": the script went through 60 pages of rewrites after principal shooting had already ostensibly been completed, requiring producers to plan for five weeks of reshoots before Jane's December release. Speculation at this point suggests that the producers want to see more of Jim Carrey being Bruce Almighty-bankable, over-the-top Jim Carrey. But considering Tea's track record, would it be untoward to suggest that this project was doomed from the start?
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