l-r: Michelle Monaghan, Joel Silver, Val Kilmer

On Day One of the Toronto International Film Festival, Guest Blogger Taylor Barratt sees Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic, andasks his wife for a new addendum to the list of celebrities he's allowed to sleep with.

– Just under 3 hours till my first screening, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which will be followed by Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic under the Midnight Madness programme. So waiting for the time to pass before I should leave, I take inventory. Wallet? *check*, Keys? *check*, Tickets *check*, Camera.. woah...almost forgot. I mean.. without my camera, how will anyone believe I touched Sarah Silverman? That is, assuming she shows, which, she should... I mean, she's on "the list". I wonder if I can add her to my Friends Five list now and still get away with it? While I'm at it, maybe I can also add Juliette Binoche, Elisha Cuthbert, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Liza Min...haha – got you! That last spot is actually occupied on my real Friends Five list...Charlize Theron. That said, North Country is about sexual harassment, so it would probably be extremely tactless to bring it up after the film... or  would it? What do you think?
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