leifWhile I've never really understood why people so love The Outsiders, it's pretty insane how many of the film's stars have managed to stay around in Hollywood for the 20-odd years since its release. Sex videos aside, a "where are they now" program would actually be pretty bland. I mean, Tom Cruise! Pretty Rob Lowe! The great Ralph Macchio! Patrick Swayze who, on the new DVD, tells Francis Ford Coppola that after him, every director he worked with was "a bozo" (bad news for Swayze's wife). Oh, and C. Thomas Howell, though Soul Man nearly destroyed him and all of us. Sofia Coppola was even in it, for God's sake. I hear she directs now, or something?

While MSNBC's look back at the film's stars is edifying and all, I'm totally mystified by the fact that they omitted Leif Garrett from their list. What, just because the kid was Made for Dancin', they pretend he doesn't exist? The guy was acting before most of those other dudes, and has got at least as much of a career right now as Ralph Macchio. Don't be hatin'.
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