phoneEarly this summer, Canadian arts organization Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) sponsored Shorts in Motion, a series of four "micro-movies" that were (and still are) available, free of charge, to Rogers cell phone users. The series, which included the directorial debut of former Kid in the HallMark McKinney, was perhaps an indication of where the future of short films lies.

Bravo!FACT's entire reason for being is to enhance the image of Canadian artists around the world, and to provide work for homegrown artists and filmmakers; the recipients of their grants have been recognized at major festivals like Cannes, Sundance, and Toronto. If a cutting edge, successful group like Bravo!FACT thinks cell phones are at least part of the future for short films, the medium is certainly worth keeping an eye on. And idealistic arts groups aren't the only ones looking at phones for the future. According to the co-founder of Toronto's QuickPlay Media (the company that handled the technical side of Shorts in Motion), he hears on a daily basis from independent producers wanting to expand into the wireless world. People with fancier phones that mine are already watching news and video clips between text messages - how long will it be before we play $10/month to watch all the original content we can handle?
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