Samuel L. Jackson, winner of the Academy Award for loudest actor of all time, has a Web site. The site is nicely designed, though there isn't much there you couldn't find elsewhere. The one thing it does have going for it is that Sam actually posts on the messageboards (under the moniker "TheMan"). Actors using the Web to keep in touch with fans isn't anything new, what with all the celebrity blogs and other assorted nonsense, but Sam seems different. He comes across on his messageboards the way I assume he comes across in real life, as a very amicable, respectful human being who, at the same time, embodies a kind of authority that makes you not want to mess with him. Considering the fickle nature of Hollywood and movie audiences, I think the perfect job for Sam to fall back on if this acting thing fizzles out would be to hire himself out to other messageboards to deal with unruly posters:

TheMan: I have put up with your trolling long enough, CyberMonkey976! Now, allow me to retort: Yes, you deserve to die, and I hope you burn in Hell!!!

I'd totally lay down cash for that kind of security.

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