Vendetta"The V For Vendetta story was written in the late 80's and takes place in a society in an alternate world and the recent events in London does not affect this scenario. At first, we wanted to release the movie in November but the principal shooting was finished just a few weeks ago and considering all the post-production work which is to be done, especially the special effects, we decided to postpone the release until March 2006." --Producer Joel Silver [on]

"We have never missed a deadline ... whatever the reasons may have been to postpone the release of V For Vendetta, it has nothing to do with late delivery of VFX [visual effects]." --Colin Brown, chairman of Cinesite, the company responsible for the VFX on V For Vendetta [on]

Who knows, maybe they're both pitching alternate versions of reality while their pants are on fire...

In the mean time, Alan Moore, who wrote (with David Lloyd) the graphic novel on which the film is based, has called the screenplay (by Matrixgurus Andy and Larry Wachowski) "imbecilic".
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