Cheech and ChongTommy Chong, best known for his various marijuana-related roles opposite Cheech Marin, has turned his recent arrest and subsequent prison sentence into an "our government sucks" documentary. Back in 2003, the comedian was busted for selling drug paraphernalia over the internet. Afraid he would have to watch his wife and son (who were running the business at the time) go to prison, Chong took full blame and offered himself up to a nine-month sentence. Instead of drowning his days away in self-pity, Chong transformed his anger against a government he feels is "under martial law" into a film about his journey through the big house. Part of a growing movement of people who dream of a day where this country will legalize the green plant, a/ka Tommy Chong directly attacks George Bush and former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft for paying too much attention and spending an absurd amount of money in order to capture harmless citizens like Chong. An example the producer's of the film make is the fact that $12 million was spent seizing Chong, while there's only a $25 million bounty out on America's number one nemesis, Osama Bin Laden. Part of their theory, which is a main focus in the film, will suggest that one of the reasons why the DEA targeted Chong with such force was sort of retaliation for the way in which Cheech and Chong films glorify marijuana use. Personally, I feel Chong and his team are fighting a losing battle and, if anything, this film will give stoners yet another reason for creating a mindless "hit the pipe every time George Bush appears on camera" smoking game.
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