tljTommy Lee Jones' big screen directorial debut The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada has finally secured American distribution and is expected to be released in time for Oscar eligibility. Though the film is understood to have gone for less than its $6 million asking price, Sony Pictures Classics agreed to release it without additional edits, a condition other interested distributors (including Miramax) resisted.

A double winner at Cannes (best actor for Jones and best screenplay for Guillermo Arriaga), the film - a modern western - follows Texan Pete Perkins (also Jones) as he struggles to return the body of a murdered Mexican friend to Mexico for a proper burial. Already, not the sort of thing that set box offices on fire, right? Add to that the fact that half of the dialogue is in Spanish and it's safe to assume that Sony's got quite a challenge on its hands with this one. That said, consider two things:  1)Lone Star, and 2)Three Burials "looks and feels like the best Sam Peckinpah movie since the late maverick himself ventured south of the border." (You know how dogs pee when they get really excited? That just happened to me.)
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