I don't always follow tech news too closely, so I found it interesting that when Apple unveiled the new Motorola Rokr phone which is compatible with iTunes, that it wasn't what some were expecting. What they were expecting, it seems, is a movie iPod. Unless there's some "reading between the lines" I've missed, it appears Apple has no plans for such a device, but you have to admit it is interesting. I'm not entirely sure how a movie iPod would work, but I would assume you'd be able to pipe it into a television, rather than watching your flicks on some tiny iPod-sized screen. Clearly that wouldn't work, because everyone would appear small and the "Munchkin Land" scene in the Wizard of Oz would lose all meaning. I may be giving him too much credit here, but this could be a clever way for Steve Jobs to get a feel for whether or not consumers would go for such a device.

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