Director Neil LaBute has, um, taken some liberties with his upcoming remake of The Wicker Man, and that makes Robin Hardy, director of the 1973 original, flipping mad. The most grevious offenses? First of all, LaBute has cast Ellen Burstyn (yes, that Ellen Burstyn) in the role of the pagan leader originated by Christopher Lee; there is apparently also a bit having something to do with killer bees. "I don't quite understand what they're doing," Hardy told The Scotsman. "It appears that not only is the lady involved, but there are also attacks by killer bees, which sounds like a really old-style horror film." Hardy has hired lawyers to help him get his name removed from anything having anything to do with this version of the film. He claims that there are press materials circulating in the U.K. that suggest he actually wrote the screenplay for the remake, "which is obviously not true," he says. IMDB, for their part, attribute the sole screenwriting credit to LaBute. Bees and Burstyn notwithstanding, does this particular remake have any chance of being good?

[via The Movie Blog]
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