jcThe Alpha Course, a wildly successful 10 week program of "discussions on Christian faith preceded by a meal" is currently being taught in more than 150 countries, in over 60 languages. Despite discontent from some who believe that Alpha hides its strict abstinence and anti-gay beliefs behind an image of openness and inclusiveness, courses are attended by over 7 million people worldwide, three-quarters of which are under 35. Pretty darn close to world domination, right?

Alpha, however, wants more. To that end, they hired advertising agency The Mob (whose others clients include Pringles, Nike, and Sony) to create a 60 second spot to run in movie theaters across the UK. The slick advert is a subtle one, created, Alpha says, simply to attract the attention of viewers, not to convert them. There are no overtly religious symbols on screen, just images of success, a groovy soundtrack, and a single man in a soccer crowd who seems to be praying. Among the select films the Alpha spot precedes in theaters is The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Make that what you will.
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