• Reese Witherspoon didn't want to do her own vocals in Walk the Line, so much so that she reportedly whined to director James Mangold, "Can't you just hire someone who sounds good?" She eventually relented.
  • A.O. Scott wonders if movies have moved too far away from the real concerns of their audience: "Perhaps this summer's much-discussed box-office slump is a sign that American audiences are becoming as disengaged from the movies as the movies are from us. Are we beginning to look elsewhere not only for amusement, but also for the significance - the dreams, the insights, the challenges, the utopian projections - that movies used to provide?"
  • Manohla Dargis looks at the trend of films about Americans - "Ordinary, smiling, guilty Americans" - made by non-American directors.
  • Proof, a movie about a second-generation genius trying to break out of her father's shadow, stars two second-generation Hollywood stars. Coincidence? Gwyneth Paltrow ignores her crying baby long enough to give a few evasive answers.
  • Five performances to watch: Tom Hollander in Pride and Prejudice, Damian Lewis in Keane, Robert Patrick in Walk the Line, Emily Mortimer in Match Point, Dina Korzun in 40 Shades of Blue.
  • Stuart Klawans on Wallace and Gromit's Hollywood debut.
  • The challenge behind shilling King Kong? Selling to rabid nerd-fans without giving them the impression that they're being sold.
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