beaufortBeaufort, SC, was once a movie hotbed. Hollywood loved the place for its southern ambiance, and The Big Chill, Forest Gump, and Prince of Tides were all filmed there. Suddenly, though, things went south - literally. Those bastards from New Orleans came in with all sorts of sneaky tax incentives and Beaufort was left in the lurch, pretty but movieless.

Until Katrina, that is. While South Carolina's film commissioner Jeff Monks insists that they're not vultures, his office has been frantically email, calling, and running ads in the trades since New Orleans was wiped out by the hurricane. Monks and friends - who seemingly have no problem with sloppy seconds - are pushing Beaufort's own "Spanish moss and antebellum architecture that attracted projects to New Orleans as a first pick," hoping to snake some of the productions that Katrina shut down. But they're not greedy bastards who are kicking the crap of out New Orleans while it's down. Perish the thought! Really, the SC film board is simply offering relief to a devastated Hollywood. Or, as Monks describes his call to the industry, "We're here, let us help you out." Sorry, but I'm tearing up.
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