robSir Peter Hall (he's "Britain's most eminent theatre director," don't you know. And a knight, so listen up) has had it with all the American stars crowding England's stages. According to Hall, in the past theater producers would want to know what plays he was interested in directing. Now, he says, it's "Who can you get? Somebody from Los Angeles?" It's one thing if the performance is good, of course, but when the featured star is obviously awful, it's just embarrassing for everybody. Madonna, for example, was reportedly a disaster in 2002 when she starred in Up For Grabs. Shocking, I know.

And yet the Americans keep coming. The past few years alone have seen Hollywoodpersonalities like Kevin Spacey (who is now artistic director at the Old Vic), David Schwimmer (baaaad reviews), Matt Damon, and Kim Cattrall play lead roles in London theater productions, and Rob Lowe is there now, starring in A Few Good Men. Given that my instant reaction to that piece of news was "Mmm...Rob Lowe," I get a feeling that I might be part of the problem.
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