QuixoteGonzo director Terry Gilliam could again re-team with his Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas star, Johnny Depp, to return to the doomed fantasy, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (a catastrophe explained in the doc Lost In Lamancha). I know, I know, we've teased you with that before, but recently, while promoting Tim Burton's animated necromedy, Corpse Bride(opening September 23rd), Depp sounded pretty into it when he told ComingSoon.net, "I'd love to do the film, if at all possible, and I stress that 'if at all possible', because it was really going to be good, that was the thing we all felt." While the also-eager Monty Python alum Gilliam's dark fantasy The Brothers Grimm, part of Miramax's pre-farewell-to-Disney film dump, may have tanked, time will tell if Gilliam's next film, Tideland, will warrant another go at the Cervantes tale for producers. Of course, if the film doesn't come together again, a project that has "gone tilting (at windmills)" may come to signify that said project is never going to happen, despite the best of intentions.
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