Director Joseph Castelo, whose film The War Within premieres in Toronto this week before opening in New York on September 30. admits to the Post today that he's "very nervous" about the way audiences will react to its subject matter. The film, about a suicide bombing planned for Grand Central Station, attempts "to examine why a terrorist really goes through with what he's going to do," Castelo says. But he admits that the film might fear, hatred and suspicion of Islamics. "It's something I'm concerned about, and it's the worst thing that could happen," he said. "We have a scene where a sermon in a mosque shows there are many interpretations of the jihad. This character chooses to use his religion toward political ends." Interestingly, due to a casting snafu, Castelo had a crew of cops essentially playing themselves. "I told every National Guardsman and cop what the character was going to do and they said fine, it's a movie."

So the question is begged: do you think we're "ready" for movies that deal with terrorism in New York City? Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of 9/11, and though admittedly I didn't spend the day in lower Manhattan, in the various parts of Brooklyn where I did spend the day, it didn't seem like anyone was paying any attention. Have things finally normalized enough so that we might be able to take a film like this seriously in a non-hysteric manner? What do you think?

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