ggYou may not have heard, but Greta Garbo would have turned 100 this year, and there are a fewthings going on in recognition of that fact. Understandably, the Swedes are particularly fired up about the centenary of their homegrown goddess - in addition to the stamp, there's a new bio coming out there, as well as two special exhibitions opening in her honor. As part of the exhibitions, Garbo's private letters were examined for the first time, revealing that she lived in "isolation and despair," pining for the love of her married high school sweetheart, Swedish actress Mimi Pollak. Aw! Who knew she was such a romantic?

Garbo and Pollak stayed in touch via a steady stream of letters that detail a relationship of over 60 years. Though Pollak's replies have never been read by the public (they're thought to be in the possession of a branch of Garbo's family that is "very ill at ease with the sexuality issue"), Garbo's side of the correspondence make clear her great devotion to the woman. For example, when Pollak's son was born, Garbo sent the following telegram:  "Incredibly proud to be a father." Honestly. Witty, even while pining. Could this woman be any cooler?
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