It's been so long since we've heard anything about  Steven Soderbergh's proposed Spaulding Gray film that I was starting to wonder if it was really happening. But at a special breakfast in Toronto this morning, HDNet unveiled a slate of seven upcoming digital projects, and Soderbergh's take on his Gray's Anatomy collaborator is at the top of the list. Soderbergh, who was at the breakfast in Toronto, says he's working with Gray's widow Kathie Russo, as well as producers Amy Hobby and Joshua Blum. Comparing the project to Jonathan Caouette's IMovie triumph Tarnation, Soderbergh says it'll explore one of Gray's never-performed monologues.

Overall, it's an impressive slate, including Hal Hartley's Henry Fool follow-up Fay Grim, and two documentaries produced by Vanity Fair mogul Graydon Carter: Surfwise, a film by Doug Pray about a professional surfer who brings the sport to Israel; and a Hunter S. Thompson doc directed by Alex Gibney of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room fame. Gibney's got two film's on the HDNet roster: he's also working on a doc about jazz legend Herbie Hancock. A feature called Quid Pro Quo, about "a wheelchair-bound NPR personality who begins an intense relationship with a seemingly able-bodied man," and a documentary about horror films round out the slate. indieWIRE has the full story, accompanied by a picture of Soderbergh looking typically uncomfortable.