HederVariety reports that Jon Heder, toothy star of the oh-so-quirky 2004 hit, Napoleon Dynamite, will play the title role in Warner Independent's Mama's Boy. The comedy is about a pseudo-intellectual whose comfortable home life is threatened by his mother's romance with a self-help guru. Heder can next be seen opposite Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo in Just Like Heaven (opening September 16th), in which he more-or-less phones it in as an occult book store employee (who says hilarious things like "Righteous!" while nodding and smiling).

Am I so uncool that I am the only one who did not cream over Napoleon Dynamite? Of course, I'm not in college and I have way-out crazy expectations when I watch a film, like at least a vague attempt at a friggin' story, so maybe I'm unqualified to discuss it.
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