russellRussell Crowe may not be playing him, but Fox has plans for at least two more films based on the Jack Aubrey series of books. According to Crowe, he's the only member of Master and Commander's cast whose contract didn't include a commitment to future films. Even Paul Bettany had to agree to be in two more films, should Fox choose to make them.

While Crowe isn't contractually obligated to play Aubrey ever again, he's not opposed to the idea. And he'd also like to make it clear, while he has our attention, that the masses love him. Said the great one, "People I meet - bankers, doctors, pilots - are always pulling me aside and saying, 'So, Captain Aubrey. When do you think he might set sail again?" Ok, make that the white collar masses. But lots of people, man, are just dying for some more Russell Magic. (Where does this guy hang out, anyway? Wherever it is, the streets are clearly awash with well-educated, oddly-speaking professionals.)
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