My sources tell me (well, okay, just Ryan) that Ebert & Roeper was preempted yesterday morning by 9/11 memorial coverage; but those of us who listened to the podcast on Saturday heard Roeper make a funny comment about The Man. To paraphrase: the only way that film would have worked, he said, would have been if Eugene Levy and Samuel L. Jackson, each operating on autopilot in parts they could have done in their sleep, had switched roles. I think it's an interesting point; I'd pay to see a buddy cop comedy starring Levy as the hard-boiled veteran, and Sam Jackson as the bumbling nebbish. So, to bring back the Monday Morning Poll (and about that: sorry, but it was August; we can't afford to go to the Hamptons, so we just went to a land without Monday Morning Polls): what two stars do you think should switch type-cast identities in order to give a desperately needed shake-up to their promising but stalled careers? Think of it as Celebrity Freaky Friday. Bonus points if you can actually involve stars from Freaky Friday.