katieKatie Leung, the young newcomer who had the seemingly tragic misfortune to be cast as Harry Potter's love interest in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is apparently under attack by the Potter-ite masses. (What are these people called? Harry-o-philes? Wizard-iacs?) Leung reports that her big breakthrough has so far won her nothing but hate mail from "jealous female admirers" of that hottieDaniel Radcliffe. People, come on. I mean, I could totally understand writing angry mail to Radciffe's real girlfriend – hell, I've got Clive Owen's wife at the front of my Rolodex – but, see, this is ACTING. Also, a handy little distinction for you:  she's dating Harry Potter (who I hear isn't real), not Daniel Radcliffe. See? No threat to your destiny with Danny.

What's particularly charming about all this is that, according to Leung, some of the letters manage to attack her ethnicity as well. Classy.
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